Amber Eye of the Golden Construct (WCATSP Item 3, September 2016)

Amber Eye of the Golden Construct

Hello all! All who attend this upcoming event shall be eligible for a drawing in order to win a magic item. This item will be auto-attuned, and ready to use for the next event you attend.

Amber Eye of the Golden Construct

It is believed by many that Borain’s realm itself is guarded by towering constructs made from solid gold that gleam with the light of creation.  While gold is normally considered a soft metal, the strength of these creatures is supposed to be terrible beyond compare.  Besides their strength, they are said to command magics of every sort, as Borain would spare no expense to guard the treasures of his beloved realm.

Unfortunately for Borain, the greatest thief Manasarwati had ever known, Mad Man Miles, had found himself growing bored with normal heists and various petty pilferage upon the populace.  He had grown tired of all the mundane work he’d be doing, and he’d made more coin than he could spend in seven lifetimes. So, he took upon a challenge.  He would steal from the very God of Greed himself.  But what sort of treasure would show to the world what sort of great thief he was?

Miles, being the man he was, decided he’d simply up the challenge by figuring it out on the fly.  The stories vary greatly as to how he found himself within the deepest, most well-guarded vault in Borain’s realm.  Some believe he was the chosen of Ethali himself, Some believe that Elantrai had chosen him as hers.  There are some still that say Elantrai and Ethali fought over the man.  Miles himself never declared personally for any god, saying his own personal skill got him through.

All can agree however,  about what he took from Borain.  Mad Man Miles believed that simply stealing one of Borain’s (or really, all of Borain’s) most valuable treasures was simply a bit much.  He had enough money.  A flash of inspiration hit him.  He would steal an eye from the largest of the guardians that kept watch over this secret place.  He would do it just to show that he could, and he would leave everything else intact and untouched.  So, he did just that.

Miles wasn’t a man known for his modesty, so it didn’t take long for Borain to figure out who had dared to mar his most precious construct.  Borain is also not known for being forgiving, so, man and life were soon parted.  Nobody was ever able to figure out who stole the Eye at Mile’s wake.

You’re still unsure as to how it ended up in your hands.  A courier approached you with a package with this inside it.  After accepting the package, and opening the contents, you looked up the find the courier gone.


This item grants you the following abilities:

Armor of Decadence (x 2/period): “I grant you/myself armor of decadence, x magic armor.” Effect: If cast upon another person, this spell grants 6 magic armor. If cast upon yourself, this spell grants either 6 magic armor OR 2 magic armor per yellow tagged jewelry item in your current possession that your character considers to be yours. Whichever is higher.  Maximum 16 magic armor.  If any of these items leave your person, you lose all of the armor.  (This item counts as 5 yellow-tagged items for the purpose of this spell, so when casting this spell on yourself, you will always receive a minimum of 10 magic armor)

Improved State of Stone (x 1/period): “Improved State of Stone.” (This grants an immunity to both physical and magical attacks so long as the caster remains motionless).

– This item is Soulbound.

– This item shall also feature a hidden ability that shall only be revealed to the person that wins the item.  Good luck!

In-Game Rumors

Rumors for the Harvest Moon, 1116


    • King Leopold turned himself in a few weeks ago, it’s only a matter of time before the inquisition drops the hammer on this forsaken place.
    • King Leopold has been gathering forces in an underground tunnel, preparing to catch the Inquisition forces from behind.
    • Families grieve upon hearing news of loved ones killed in Inquisitorial prison.
    • Three Cows were stolen last Fiveday’s night from Ludwig’s farm.
    • The Inquisition has been paying off some Sea Elves to maintain their blockade even beneath the waves.
    • If you know the right people, you could pay someone to smuggle you out of this blockade.
    • Inquisition preparing secret weapon to wipe New Calendale off of the map.
    • Mary Beth Charity accidentally squashes Edmund Tavalier’s prize pumpkin when cutting through his property instead of taking the long way around it.  This will be the first time in 20 years the Tavalier family may not win the largest Pumpkin contest at this years’ harvest festival.
    • Both Inquisitorial and Leopold controlled forced are giving wide berths to any Fae (light or dark) they come across in the woods, neither side wants direct involvement in their conflict.
    • Forces from outside of the port blockade have been reported as attacking Inquisition-backed ships.  Wife’s Fury sighted amongst them.
    • Unusual amounts of wraith activity are being reported near the edge of the blockade.
    • Lonnie Lester seen wearing town guard uniform, looking completely cleaned up.  He is sad his wife is gone, but he feels he’s doing himself and the community a service by serving under the one true king.
    • King Regent Charles Dalton seen near the perimeter of the New Calendale blockade.  Rumor has it if there’s going to be a direct assault, Dalton will be at the head of the charge.
    • Local Youngster Timothy Horton has been going around town looking for his misplaced wooden sword with initials carved into it, he has been offering a reward if found.
    • Crazed man arrested near docks claiming to be a prophet.  He kept repeating things like “All things must die.” over and over again, forgoing even the most basic forms of taking care of himself.
    • Agorians have been known to infiltrate local communities by first stealing the women of men of influence, or at the very least destroying their relationships with them.  After that, they worm their way into local government in order to take it down from the inside.