Winter Dinner

Voting for 2017 Winter Dinner


It’s time to vote for the recipients of the 2016 Season Awards, to be unveiled at the 2017 Winter Awards Dinner celebration!

Lets get those votes in! Remember, these categories are decided by YOU, the RoA community. As we have seen in the past, EVERY vote counts!


***** VOTING HAS ENDED. *****

***** Official polling will end Tuesday, January 3rd, 2017 at 11:59pm. *****



    • You may only select ONE person for each category so select the person you feel fits best. If you select more than one person your vote will not count for that category.
    • You can vote for yourself.
    • You may vote for the same person in more than one category, such as “Best Roleplayer” and “Best Costume.”
    • ALL PCs, NPCs, AND STAFF may vote.
    • Each person only gets to vote once.
    • You must select your choices from PLAYERS who attended this season.  List provided below.  (If there are any errors or we forgot someone, please let us know.)
    • Once submitted you may not change your vote.
    • Use the Voting Submission Form below.


• Categories •

1) Rookie of the Year – This award goes to the best overall new player for the year. This should be the person you think really made a positive impact on the game in their first year. This award is open only to players who started at RoA in the 2016 season (newbies are denoted in Green Text in the list below).

2) Best Racial Portrayal (Pixie, Kelonian, Elf, Dwarf, Barbarian, Gypsy etc.) – Person who best portrays the race/culture their character is supposed to be from. This can be any human culture or other race.

3) Best Costume – Person who has the best overall costume.

4) Best Hero – Person who you feel is the best personification of a hero. Note that this can be anyone YOU feel this way about. If you feel that a person who most people think is evil was the most heroic, then put his/her name down!

5) Best Villain – Person who you feel is the best personification of a villain. Note that this can be anyone YOU feel this way about. If you feel that a person who most people think is a good guy was the most villainous, then put his/her name down!

6) Best Role Player (Male) – Male who was the best overall roleplayer.

7) Best Role Player (Female) – Female who was the best overall roleplayer.

8) Best Portrayal of Faith – The person who you feel most accurately portrayed and adhered to the tenants and beliefs of an in-game church. NOTE: This is not meant to be a “Best Cleric” award. Remember, though the overwhelming majority of Adraveth’s denizens are unable to channel divine magic, many are still deeply religious and choose to live their lives in accordance with the teachings of one of the world’s many faiths.

• Regarding “Campaigning” •

The act of “campaigning” for oneself or others (even if the disclaimer “not intended to sway the voting” or anything similar is added) has caused issues and controversy in the past so we ask that people avoid doing so. The awards are not meant to be a popularity contest or a political race, so please just vote for who YOU feel is a good candidate for an award. The awards is a happy and fun part of the end of one year and beginning of a new one. Let’s keep it that way and drama free! Further posts of that type will be removed.

Thanks for your understanding and cooperation.

– Dave


2016 Player Roster
(new players listed in green)

Last Name First Name Character Name (Main) Alt
Abbruscato Elyse Maggie
Adams Kevin Kale
Allen Luca Dirthera
Armstrong Cher Xenia Foxtrot
Asulin Jordan Jischa
Babcock Laura Cyd
Binns Brian I’neach
Binns Tim Tarba
Bodenschatz Brett  Hadriel Eydrisia
Brinckerhoff Laurynn Wynlee
Brinckerhoff Tyler Able
Broderick Michael Sirus Reheim
Brtalik Daniel Khalarinth Sigismund
Carrol Christopher Tobias Malkin
Cavalier Kelly Kitara
Champion Andrew Vayne Mistral Willow
Cottone Victoria Eleanora D’Espoir
Cruz Stefanie Theone Lighthart Nyxalura Everdark
Cruz  Daniel Akira
Cubi Alexander Gunnar
Dansereau Elaine Elira
Dolan Matthew Xandis
Donadio Franz Faarooq
Dunn Victor Sarineo Ezra
Estela Gabriel Ray Hardstone
Fletcher Jillian Sezja Bijou
Garrett Jeremy Thorn
Geronimo Dominick Eravander
Goldstein Gabriel Aiden Durst
Gomez Raven Nevari Tanaleth
Hall Tristan Ban
Hanif Uriah Gabriel
Harris Louise Victoria
Homer Danielle Mythian
Johnson Doug William
Jones Michael Tarquin Munitorus
Kammerer Walter Nelthasion Rilynetyr
Kennedy Sarah Luna Evergreen
Kilic Lisa Lily Goldsworthy Anya
Lamencusa Carmen Etzli
Linz Phil Captain Rhaz
Longo Brian Dielon
Loughlin Brian Teridan, “The Gameskeeper”
Luttinger Ryan Rory Pangur Ban
MacKinnon Daryl Rus Icebadger
Maldonado Greg Tridaine Maylock
Maldonado Joseph Alexander Maylock
Malichek Francine Hathala Milza
Mann Corey Skrinn
Mavrommatis Constantinos Gabranth
Maynard Meira Clarissa Golan
McDonald Michaela Lucina Kairos
McGrath Kristin Rhiannon Mudee Paws Priscilla Cecelia Beatriz Reye
McGuire Shannon Drustan
McNulty Alex Ragnar IronBeard
McNulty Chris Davven Nasser
Menite Jennifer Onyx TigerEye
Meredith Elliott Mr. Kitty
Miller Brittany Arlidene Isduriel
Molina Thomas Zodimar S Qudjkx  Tiberius
Mooney Olivia Raziya Neferet
Nasta Dominick Agnate
Nolan Russell Rehan Standing Elk  Trogos
Olanick Lisa Asri
Palmer William Kallan Maddoch
Pavone Anthony Jigen
Pearce Kyle Sebastion Wright
Perrera Ally Yarah
Polichetti Joseph Dibble Goodbody
Popke Tiffany Alecia  Tala
Prinz Jonathan Rath
Prinz Michael Zelos Arquetius
Quimby Eric Ulv  Kodlak
Ramirez Ashley Kaira
Raponi Lacey Skyla Corrin
Raponi Melanie Luca
Rivera Chris Phoenix Black  Marr
Rogers William Snogard Lamienas Zahhak
Schreiner Steven Aster Yanzi
Shoblock Michael Mylith Oria
Sideris Alex William of the North
Sideris Matthew Barrabus
Siegelman Michael Baldric Baldomar
Skalski Tyler Tristendel  Bodaway
Steigerwald Jourdan Florian
Stumpf Alexandra Liann Mercer  Abe
Sukhoo Brian Rizhak
Suri Matthew Makyalo White Feather
Taylor Jourdan Eko
Taylor Katherine Caillean
Thomas Maria CriCri
Tumminello Giuseppina Selene
Valverde Michael Raphael De La Rosa Espina
Valverde Sara-Megan Valeria Trio  Zoey
Wagner Emma Nen
Wallace Stephen Negocoutle Ujarak, “Stone”
White Eddie Issac Eydrisia
Wilson Robert Brandon Lachlan



• Submit Your Vote! •

– Please look over the categories and vote ONCE for each.
– If you do not want to vote for a particular category, just place an “x” in the field.
– Be sure to read the descriptions so you understand what each award is!


Winter Dinner

Winter Dinner 2017

Realms of Adventure Winter Awards Dinner 2017!

Parkside Christian’s Cafe, Grill & Garden
48 Motor Avenue
Farmingdale, NY 11735

Saturday, January 14th
7pm – 11:00pm

If you want to come to the dinner, YOU MUST PRE-REGISTER!  You CANNOT pay at the door because we have to give a head-count to the restaurant.

***** PRE-REG DEADLINE: Friday, January 6, 2017, 11:59pm *****

Preregistration link:

In the notes field, please make sure that you write in the name(s) of who the pre-reg is for. That way our attendance list will be accurate. Thanks!

< < < Event Details > > >

H.R. Singletons is now out of business and we are building relations with a new venue, Parkside Christian’s. The chef/manager, Eric, is a really cool guy who prides himself on delicious food and is excited to host our event. We definitely want to make a good first impression. The restaurant is on the smaller side this year (next year they will be enclosing their patio so we will have more space), but the entire venue is ours. There will be tables and bar seating available.

The cost for the dinner is $50 per person (menu is posted below). It is a delicious hot buffet in a private room. Anyone is welcome to come – players, friends, cast, staff, family, and loved ones. This is a great time to bring someone who is thinking about coming to game so they can meet our Family in a fun and social Out of Game setting!

Each person that currently attends or any person that is planning to attend a future game will get 3 character points and 7 tickets for the Door Prize Auction. Points and tickets will ONLY be given to current players and to new players who plan on attending in the upcoming season.

We do not have a dress code, but we ask that you please dress respectably and be mindful of other patrons. Dress pants or skirts, nice jeans, dresses, and even ties are all acceptable. (This is an Out of Game event so please do not wear your costume.)

Character Points

Since this is an official RoA event, if you attend you will receive 3 Character Points! These points are non-transferable and will ONLY be given to current players and to new players who plan on attending in the upcoming season. Normally a new player starts the game with 55 (or 60 with a background) Character Points but if you attend the dinner, you will have 58 (or 63) Character Points to spend!


This is our Annual Awards Dinner and that means awards! Each award won is worth 2 Character Points! Two types of awards will be given out:

1) The first group of awards are those voted on by you, our dedicated players (instructions on voting will be posted soon). Please follow these instructions as any votes that do not follow the rules will not be counted. You can only vote ONCE. Only people who have attended RoA can vote in the provided categories.

2) The second group of awards is granted by cast and staff to those players who have done memorable things over the past season. These are things that even the player who receives the award might not even realize made such an impact. You never know what we’ll come up with!

< < < Auctions > > >

Here’s how they work. There will be a number of In Game items up for auction. Staff will present and read a description of each item in the auctions. After they are done, the items and a printed description will be placed in front of their own ticket containers. Separate your tickets and hold onto the ones that say “KEEP THIS COUPON.” You can place the ones that say “TICKET” into any bowl or bowls that you want. The tickets will be shuffled and one drawn at random. If your ticket number is called, you win! Specific details follow for each auction.  (We may be switching to different tickets – stay tuned.)

Door Prize Auction

Open to all, there will be a number of In Game items up for auction. These could include scrolls, powerful potions, magic items, and even a mystery bundle!

The 7 tickets for the Door prize Auction will ONLY be given to current players or those who are planning to attend RoA in the upcoming season. You place as many tickets as you want into each container, but you can only win ONE item from this auction. If you win more than one item, you can pick which one you would like to keep and another ticket will be drawn for the other.

Gift of Elantrai Auction

This auction is ONLY open to players and upcoming players who have NO magic items. This is specific to the PLAYER, not if you have an Alt Character without any magic items. Each entrant will receive one ticket to be used in this special auction.

The Elantrai Auction drawing shall take place before the other auctions, so anyone walking into the dinner without a magic item shall be eligible for the Elantrai Auction.

Premium Auction

This auction is completely optional. Unlike the Door Prize auction, you can win up to two items in this auction. Tickets will be available for purchase at the dinner. Tickets are not very expensive so everyone has a chance to participate. The details of the Premium items will be revealed before tickets are sold so everyone can think about what items they might want to try for. The items in this auction are considered rare and exceptional and even include a magic weapon!

If you can’t make it to the dinner but still want to participate in the Premium Auction, you can make arrangements with someone else to purchase tickets on your behalf and participate for you. Do not ask Cast or Staff members to do so.

< < < Menu > > >

* Rolls and Butter
* Garden Salad
* Rosemary Potatoes
* Vegetable Medley
* Penne ala Vodka
* Stuffed Shells
* Chicken Parmigiana
* Marinated Skirt Steak
* Glazed Salmon
* Pulled Pork

* Coffee, Tea, Cake
* Unlimited Soda

Open Bar (New for 2017!)

For an additional $15 per person, paid in cash at the bar, you will receive a bracelet for the open bar. This is completely optional and is the responsibility of the drinker. You must be 21 years of age; make sure you have your license to present to the bartender.

* House Tap Beer, House Wine, House Liquor

< < < Important Note > > >

Since this is an official RoA function, all are expected to follow our usual policies, especially those concerning drugs. Those who break this policy by bringing or using illegal drugs (or misusing legal ones) on the premises, parking lot, or any nearby areas will face serious consequences. We ask that you please keep this in mind so everyone can enjoy themselves.

< < < If you pay for the dinner, EVEN IF YOU ARE UNABLE TO ATTEND > > >

If you plan to do this, you MUST LET US KNOW when pre-regging for the dinner.  Put “NO DINNER” in the box after your name on the pre-reg link.  We need to give the restaurant an accurate headcount.  (Example: Hayley Princeton – NO DINNER)

You will receive the following:
• 3 Character Points
• 7 Tickets for the Door Prize Auction
• 3 Tickets for the Elantrai Auction (If eligible for this Auction)
• Ability to participate in the Premium Auction (Ticket prices are $5 for 3 Tickets)

You must make arrangements with a player (not Cast or Staff members) to distribute your tickets in the auctions. You must inform BOTH Ryan and Dave R who has been designated.

If you do NOT pay for the dinner, but still want to participate in the Premium Auction, you can make arrangements with someone else to purchase tickets on your behalf and participate for you. Do not ask Cast or Staff members to do so. You must inform BOTH Ryan and Dave R who has been designated.

As said above, the Elantrai Auction drawing shall take place before the other auctions, so anyone walking into the dinner without a magic item shall be eligible for the Elantrai Auction.

< < < Premium Auction Stretch Goals > > >

Based on player feedback, we agreed that all those who put into the Premium Auction deserve something, even if they don’t end up winning an item directly.  After all, everything you put into that auction goes to making the game as a whole better.  It is with that in mind that we are pleased to introduce the following new system:

ALL players that put in at least $5 into the Premium Auction shall receive an amount of character points based upon goals that we’re going to set for the total. (NOTE: This includes players that haven’t pre-regged/aren’t able to attend, as long as they are able to find someone to handle their tickets and money.)

In the end, we will be awarding *1-4 character points* based on internal goals that we have set.

The points above are considered ACTIVE (the same category as the points gained from the dinner).  So, you may spend them without worry on your next update.  Should you not spend them, they will be banked.


We look forward to seeing old friends and making new ones!


In-Game Lore Plot Events

News from Kell: The Storm Continues Unabated

Traders hailing from Kell have been asked about what is going on in the north, and have generally had the following to say:

While the storm in the north has stopped growing, the conflict between the Romani and the Barbarian tribes of the north seems to continue daily.

There has been no word of outright war, especially since occasionally the Romani have been seen walking alongside Elementals themselves.  The skirmishes that have occurred have been fairly even in their matching.  Despite the Romani’s unscrupulous tactic of having some elemental support, the tribesmen of the north are known for their tenacity.  No ground seems to have been given.

A map has been circulating, showing the rough borders of the storm.  But one thing is clear: ONLY the Romani have been able to get anywhere near the walls of the storm.  Even fewer select Romani have supposedly walked through the walls of it.  Travel anywhere near by non-Romani is not only ill-advised, but considered undoubtedly fatal.  Anyone travelling near or around Kell has been strongly advised to travel no further.

Elemental Storm in the North